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Kenworth T-609 LHD RTA 1.28.x
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Kenworth T-609 LHD RTA 1.28.x

The model is completely autonomous
Purchase from a MAN dealer
Two cabs (Cab C, Cab D)
1 chassis 6x4
High-quality interior
High-quality exterior
34 engines from world manufacturers, such as Cummins, CAT, Paccar, ISX
6 types of transmission
Tilt / Fly adjustment
A unique model from the RTA team. High-quality elaborated Kenworth T-609 will not leave indifferent not one fan of the ETS 2 series.

Fire-Blade (Oleg Verhovodov) (Interior model, 3ds Max modding), NN-Mihail (Mihail Verhovodov), Kriechbaum (Sounds-Engines and Transmission), Smith (Template, help with animation) , Gerald Hardie, PAPY11 (Marc Lion), Tracy N Nathan Anderson, Evelyn Sophie (skins), Valery (programming), Mick Brown (Accessories / Technical Support), Imperator3 (beta tester)

  • Jdwarfer
    2017-09-26 14:38
    Paid mod!You're not allowed to share it!
  • Turboiron
    2017-09-26 14:56
    Shame! The same thing for the second time in a row today!!!!http://www.modhub.us/euro-truck-simulator-2-mods/kenworth-t-609-lhd-1-28-x/
  • Don


    2017-09-26 22:29
    woot for free never never pay for a mod they all should be free
  • Admin
    2017-09-26 22:48
    It's called stealing for fuck's sake. And it's not even the current version you asshat. Plus it has errors and you can fuck yourself for sharing it.
  • Don


    2017-09-26 22:56
    its called rta stole a design without the makers permission so and I didn't share any of this southern garbage anyhow
  • Ducsnoopy
    2017-09-27 03:14
    Good eveningIf you need to pay now you should post it elsewhere on a site or forum made for this, I understand it is work but at this moment the post does not post in this forum and besides already there are some who put the password without giving them apart with the scam of stuff for the phone its becoming anything right now.thanks anyway
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