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Kenworth T660
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Kenworth T660

Registered individual Truckee present your little tuning, their engines, sounds, interior, wheels, transmissions, chassis, 6x4 and 6x6, registered in the traffic outside wipers not animated.
Bought in the cabin MAN - last slot.Test to version 1.7.1 (I think will go and 1.8.x)
When distributing copyright save!

Author "HAULIN": MasterChief2808
Envelope and refinement in ETS2: Panther

  • Theosz
    2014-01-22 06:20
    in my pc the truck is very beautiful, very cool texture.sugetions:The front mirrors seems to be in an awkward position, where, inside the cabin, could not be possible to see back The inner camera could be cleared so that can see the left mirror entirely -…but crashes Scania Dealer to me too.(other players reported on other sites)- https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nqyk4r6v17o1atl/x74QoP9TMtand .pmg files still in old format, much of thes
  • Theosz
    2014-01-22 06:22
    : [unit] File ‘/def/vehicle/truck/scania.streamline/data.sii’:: [unit] The unit ‘vehicle.scania.streamline’ of type ‘accessory_truck_data’ has dangling pointer (to ‘camera.interior.scania.streamline’) in the attribute named ‘interior_camera’.: [unit] File ‘/def/vehicle/truck/scania.streamline/data.sii’:: [unit] The pointer to ‘camera.interior.scania.streamline’ looks like dangling pointer.: load_unit() – Failed to load units from file (/def/vehicle/truck/scania.streamline
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