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Kenworth T800 v2.0 BETA
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Kenworth T800 v2.0 BETA

A lot of things added/changed himself shoals to catch all failed, so the open beta:
– 4 cabins 3 chassis
– Bought in showrooms DAF 7th place
– Templates for 1 and 2 channels have been changed/corrected
– Skins previous version will not work properly. The colour of the backlight can do in the script wrote what where put.

The bug I was not able to win: after the change of the main mirror be sure to adjust the right bonnet
Be sure to sell the previous version before buying a new one.

The initial model of 3 DB (rignroll model) The envelope in ETS 2: dmitry68 The sounds of all engines: kriechbaum Co-Author: Stels Day cab/interior: oq37 Drives: most likely Ventures

  • Gerald payne
    2015-05-12 17:00
    Best truck in ETS2
  • Adam leach
    2015-05-13 16:22
    Why does it crash on mine?
  • Bull hauler
    2015-05-18 18:26
    Nice Rig I needed to restart my save game to get this to work correctly so try that Adam Leach this is my main rig till they put a tri axle on the 379 or 389 pete also hopefully this idea will be brought into ATS when or shortly after release- KEEPIN' EM' ON THE GROUND, FEEDLOT BOUND- Bull Hauler out.
  • Numsen
    2015-05-24 10:42
    someone can tel me why my download not starting
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