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Kenworth W900 Fron ATS Update
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Kenworth W900 Fron ATS Update

The original Kenworth W900 from American Truck Simulator

- Buy in the DAF Motor Show
- Spelled out in traffic
- Spelled out in the orders agencies
- 3 cabins
- 4 chassis
- His sound
- Its interior (2 versions)

- Completely rewritten residence tractor, agency orders, and added truck orders in Britain (Fixed again)
- Added missing mat files
- Added all drives ATS
- Added engine ATS
- Added the original sound of the CAT ATS
- Returned logo Keshi
- Fixed board computer, now it does not conflict with other modes of ATS (thank you vovangt4)
- Log completely clean !!!

Test version 1.22

SCS, Freddy Jimmink, Phantom94 - update

  • Space cam
    2016-02-20 16:25
    this mod needs more fixing it still crashes my game
  • Space cam
    2016-02-20 16:53
    the only way you can truly test this mod is when you have a lot of other added mods in the game, just testing it without other mods don't make this truck safe for the vary mod type of player. then you will know which mod and this mod is creating a conflict that will cause the game to crash. i have a lot of mods in my game and that could be a reason why it keeps crashing.
  • Space cam
    2016-02-20 18:07
    this mod is conflicting with an ats Perterbilt mod int he game
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