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Kenworth W900L With American Tri-Axle Lowboy
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Kenworth W900L With American Tri-Axle Lowboy

Kenworth W900L by Bu5ted!!
With American Tri-Axle Lowboy

PLEASE read the readme file after download!
looking for someone to do youtube video mod display
more trucks to come like a Tandem Steer T800, i call TT800

Complete New Sound With Recorded Jake and Working Dashboard

Tri-Drive Only….Set Up For Heavy Haul

} Added Texas Front Bumper w/Lights
} Added Headache Rack w/Lights
} Redone Rear Bumper
} Redone Tail Lights
} Added Air Cleaners w/Lights
} Complete Working Gauge
:Boost Gauge
:Dual Air Tank Gauges
:Brake Psi Gauge
:Oil Psi Gauge
:Oil Temp Gauge
:Water Temp Gauge
:Transmission Temp Gauge
:Air Susp Gauge
:Speedometer Calibrated
All Existing Gauges Updated and Calibrated

} New Interior Animations
:Park Light Switch
:Beacon Switch
:Jake Switch and Light
:Cruise Control Switch
:Lift Axle Switch
:Hazzard (flasher) Switch

} Added T800 Info Panel to Dashboard (default key(i) to change modes)
} Added 2 Reverse Gears (4 total)
} Added New Engines
} Added Rims and Tires
} Added Brighter Reverse Lights
} Added Blinker Sound
} Set Weight For Heavy Haul

Lowboy, Original : Cozad Expando Lowboy by B4RT… Modified By Bu5ted
Changed to Tri-axle setup with Wheels and Tires
Much Longer
Loads have weights adjusted higher and also have Empty Lowboy to haul!

Bu5ted & original authors : Aiightis , B4RT

  • Rene
    2016-01-28 23:46
    looks like a low budget truck needs a lot of work ... sorry just being honest
  • Space cam
    2016-03-26 15:07
    may be low budget but it looks good and it drives real nice. love the sound of the big engine. could they make a 1800 engine for this truck. i hope they do.
  • Space cam
    2016-04-01 00:21
    can this moder just make another axle option instead of a whole truck with tri axle. add a day cab and tri axle mod so one can modify the K w900 instead.
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