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Keyshot Kenworth k100 6x4 + 4x2 v5.0
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Keyshot Kenworth k100 6x4 + 4x2 v5.0

This is a custom skin for the Kenworth K100 6x4-4x2 V5.0

Skin by BrianC.

  • Freddy jimmink
    2015-10-17 10:46
    The Original skin is made by Freddy Jimmink for the reworked Kenworth K 100 by Henkihttp://i62.tinypic.com/35m40ax.pngProbebly respect is a word that is died............Greets,Freddy Jimmink
  • Brianc
    2015-10-17 18:27
    This is the insperation for Keyshot.http://www.smcars.net/threads/1987-kenworth-k100-aerodyne.40751/
  • Brianc
    2015-10-17 20:26
    Oh and Freddy. This is not a made over copy of your skin, Provided you did make a skin like this. This skin is made from scratch by myself.
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