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Klaas’ Economy Mod v1.5.0
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Klaas’ Economy Mod v1.5.0

– Economy adjustments. (Income has been reduced)
– Bank loans adjustments. (Daily payment have been reduced)

General features
– The minimum income is approx. 0.40€/km for Quickjobs and at
least 0.70€/km for Freightmarket jobs.
– Due to low income, fuel economy and truck damage are very
important and you should maintain them as low as possible. A single accident can cause you big problems.
– Truck wear & tear damage has been reduced.
– AI Drivers will generate minimum 100€/day. (income will increase
with AI skills)
– New loan system, which will increase your loan limit at every
– New fines system, fines will increase at every level. (up to level
– Fuel discount for garage set to 20%
– Truck refund value set to 75%
– Abandoned job fine set to 1.200€
– Driver hire cost set to 300€
– Experience for each level has been increased.
– The bank will allow you to buy a truck at level 8, when the loan
limit hits 100.000€. Until then you will have to make Quickjob


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