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Kraz 260 by Aronson
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Kraz 260 by Aronson

What has been done:
– On the run-MAZ scheme prescribed under the wheels of version 1.18.
– Prescribed in the Motor truck MAN, and that while on RusMape to Brest in a / DAF to get there, a lot of time will pass. At the same time prescribed in the gallery.
– Corrected in the residency parameters chassis, engine, gearbox, new colors, something else on the little things. Gamedata disabled and physics (more precisely, renamed from sii in txt, anyone can restore the picture). In general, I try to the maximum to reduce the redness in the log. The only thing that could not win – the game for some reason, swears on the interior. More of the remaining glitches with shadow strange things are happening under the wheels … some small artifacts are visible, but how to deal with it, I have no idea.
– Perhaps most importantly – I brought him a new sound. In addition to the sounds of the engine and tried to add “peregazovku” when changing gears on the bumps and rumble. The sources of the material served a few mods to Spintires (authors were listed as Alexei Smirnov and Alex Kraft. Unfortunately, contact them did not work, but I hope that they would not be against it.). I do not know how a realistic, but in comparison with the fact that there was, in my opinion, as heaven and earth.

Authors: Никон Олейниченко, il_86

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