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Kriistof Full Fr for Chereau v0.5
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Kriistof Full Fr for Chereau v0.5

27 Skins Full Real FR Company
29 Skins trucks Real FR
15 New Cargos and all cargos scs fridge and cooliner

-Correction somes skins
-1 Combo trailer + skin volvoFh16

1- DL and Install Base Mod Custom Chelerau v2
2-DL and install My Pack V0.4
And DRIVE !!!

Description Txt
Trailers Standalone and AI Traffic

Work perfect with my all Pack
Work Perfect With Jazycat Pack

Tested on 1.27 with Italy map and all DLC

Skins: Kriistof Trailer: MDModding

  • Kriistof
    2017-06-13 19:54
    Respect My work don’t reoplad!!! ThanksRespect my work , please don’t copy !!! Thanks
  • Kriistof
    2017-06-13 19:55
  • Guest
    2017-06-13 19:57
    mods_ats - у тебя совесть есть, урод, Чтоб ты сдох, козел !!!
  • Demonsimulation
    2017-06-13 21:06
    please, link for base mod custom chelereau v2
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