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Kriistof Pack For Menci V1.0 1.30
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Kriistof Pack For Menci V1.0 1.30

Trailer Inclued
I have permission by MdModding

Version 1.0
20 Skins Menci
-Tested 1.30
-Animation brace
-Advanced coupling
-Texture AO
-IA Traffic

Compatible All Pack Trailers
Compatible All Dlc
Compatible All Maps

Skins: Kriistof
Trailer Edit: MarcDo
Update 1.30: MDModding
Original Trailer : Kamaz
Bullet Light, marker light and rims : Abasstreppras


  • Kriistof
    2017-12-04 23:47 Send message
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    Hi , you have not my permission for share it. NOOB or IDIOT if you preferhttp://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1221323711
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