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Krone 4 Axles Jumbo Curtainsider
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Krone 4 Axles Jumbo Curtainsider

Krone Jumbo Curtainside 4 Axel
Converted to ETS2 by Roadhunter
Wheels by Ventyres converted and adapted by Roadhunter
Mudflaps by Roadhunter
Mark lightning by Zilpzalp
Original from GTS/ATS
Author: ????
Assembling & new convert: Mr_Zer
Wheels: assembling Mr_Zer
Trailer is a Standalone with Cargo
"Krone 4Axen Jungheinrich"
Put the "zZz_jumbo curtainsider" in your Modfolder
Start the Game and Activate the "zZz_jumbo curtainsider"
This Trailer comes in following Companies
bcp, euroacres, eurogoodies, itcc, lkwlog, posped, sanbuiders,
stokes, tradeaux, trameri, transinet, tree_et


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