Farming simulator 2019 mods
Krone Mega/Coil Liner by Sogard3 v3.2
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Krone Mega/Coil Liner by Sogard3 v3.2

Changelog v3.2
- Added "Ewals" bumpers only working for that skin.
- Added Automotive Liner sticker.
- Added more skins.
- Fixed country stickers for some skins.

-Purchasable and job market working.
-2 versions: 3 and 2 axle.
-Custom parts.
-3 Number plates(SCS plate, from skin and from texture).
-2 side reflective stripes(Yellow and white).
-2 rear reflective stripe(Red and yellow).
-1 rear reflective banner.
-2 types of rear boxes.
-2 types of front boxes(Only 1 for 2 axle version).
-Saf wheels from abasstreppas with 3 hubs(Red, black and grey).
-Custom paintjobs(4 colors).

kast (Taillights).
ValheinXL (Fixed advanced coupling).
Abasstreppas (Wheels).
Axelrol (License plate mode,flares & round taillights).
SCS (Base model from Profiliner DLC).
Smyro (Skins).
R3AP3R (Skins).
schwedentrucker_09 (Skins).
vad&k (Manifest file).
Donovan (Adjusted brightness on skin number plates, Skins).
ReyhanRamadhan (Skins).
CARL1992 and Eugene (Fix for OpenGL) .
DaviD_SRB (Skins).
Niepa (Skins).
Adelin (Skins).
Hakan (Skins).
Alexandru_Andrey (Skins).
SiSL (Skin texture).
B787 (Skin).
My cousin (Sticker texture and company logos).
DRON4ik194 (Side doors for body).

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