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Large Mod traffic v1.23.x
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Large Mod traffic v1.23.x

Fixed the previous version. From fashion deleted file: game_data.sii
Sorry, I overlooked during assembly!

Older "Big Fashion for Traffic v1.23.hh Link

1. A.I. traffic tandem combos v2.1 by Solaris36
Solaris36 (mod), Jazzycat, SCS software & Fleming Vinge (models), Fredy (Skins)

2. Vans specialized services.
-Kollektsiya Of 17 skins companies:
LKWLog, Tree-Et, EuroGoodies, Trameri, NBFC, WGCC, Tradeaux, BCP, Transinet, Posped, FCP, Sanbuilders, Kaarfor, Stokes, Scout, Sellplan, eAcres.
They will not appear in the Nordic regions.
-Kollektsiya Of 21 skin Scandinavian companies:
Agronord, Aria, BHV, BJORK, Drekkar, GNT, IKA Bohag, Konstnorr, Nordic Crown, Norrfood, Norrsken, NS Chemicals, NS Oil, Polarfish, Polaris Lines, RENAR, Sag & tre, Scania, Vitas Power, Volvo, and VPC.
Compatible only with the game version 1.23.xh
Author: IJ's Mods

In archive two files are added:
1. Mod to increase traffic - D.B Creation High Traffic.scs
D.B Creation & SCS Software s.r.o. 2016
2. Aggressive traffic behavior - Aggressive_AI1.1.scs
Great mod on traffic, I checked on the version: 1.23.hh without third-party mods on traffic.
If I do that someone or something missed, then I apologize.
Simply replace the file in the manager: ai_Moi trafik.scs

Solaris36 (mod), Jazzycat, SCS software & Fleming Vinge (models), Fredy (Skins),IJ's Mods,D.B Creation & SCS Software s.r.o. 2016, Maximate,losevo58

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