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Lautus Graphics and Weather v2.0
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Lautus Graphics and Weather v2.0

Changes in v 2.0 version:
- Improved colors – more realistic and saturated
- Many new HD textures of asphalt, vegetation, water and so on
- More new types of weather
- New types of fog, clouds, sky
- More realistic day & night
- Renewed bloom and HDR
- Renewed light of lamps in cities, tonnels and highways
- More realistic raindrops
- New sounds of nature
- Chance of morning fog is 45%
- Added new types of trees, flowers, plants
- The grass is thick and high
- New road markings made ​​in HD
- Added some visual effects that make the picture more realistic
- More realistic reflection
- New loading screens

Author: Dastagir

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    2014-04-03 13:51
    Hello, Lautus GRAPHICS AND WEATHER v2.0 bereave me to the desktop versions of why I 1.9. 20 s. Please answer.
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