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Lautus Graphics and weather
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Lautus Graphics and weather

I suggest you to download a mod that has many advantages. The mod was done for myself. as a lot of things have been already remade, I want to upload one of the first versions. Here are some of the pros:
- Sky has more realistic colors and gradients (night/dawn/noon/sunset).
- Much more different clouds.
- Were added a few different types of bad weather:
1) Thick clouds without rain and thunder;
2) Thick clouds with rain and thunder;
3) Storm with heavy rain.
Gamma for all kinds of weather was configured.
- Improved headlights.
- Improved and redesigned lighting that makes the picture even more photorealestic.
Bloom effect configurated more optimally – during the day time it is reduced.
- Replaced some textures of tree leaves, bark, flowers, and grass, with a focus on realism.
- The weather is very different, changing every 1-2 hours.
- Night is darker and there are many stars in the sky.
Important(!!!) Mod was made for my SweetFX, that is why I do not guarantee a beautiful picture in the game without it. You can download my SweetFX.
Also want to thank Atak_Snajper because I used some files from his mod of the weather in my mod.


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