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Lautus Graphics HD 3.0 TSM 4.7.2 Support
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Lautus Graphics HD 3.0 TSM 4.7.2 Support

The new version:
- Compatibility with TSM 4.7.2 and Mario 7
- Corrected a lot textures (cleaned seams make higher resolution and correspondingly changed them better )
- Made two new species of sunsets with different clouds, sunlight and skies
- A lot of new skyboxes and clouds
- Sun weather less contrast and brightness and has improved lighting
- 3 completely new type of evening weather with different sky, clouds and sun
- 3 new sunset with different types of light , clouds and sun rays
- Made more diverse night – different lighting and sky depending on the time
- New textures of roads, soil , fields, walls , concrete, stones, etc.
- New sounds of rain
- New loading screens
(Important) All my skrins and video with this sweetFX


  • Norbiq
    2014-05-14 14:01
    Hi, in your video I can see that you have an external GPS on the windshield and in place of the default GPS you have a display from the truck dashboard computer. Please tell me which mod gives you these options? Thanks!
  • Levi
    2014-05-21 20:47
    Hi, could you adjust the headlights cause they got no power midnight using sweetfx on win 8.1.
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