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Legendary 50k-addons v1.0 [1.28.x]
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Legendary 50k-addons v1.0 [1.28.x]

Legendary "50k-addons" v1.0 for Ets2 1.28.x game version
(Updated 17.10.2017)

New Changelog:
Restart of the mod featuring:
-Light Board (1.)
-Plate Light Board (1.)
-Michelin Dolls (yellow and white) (1.)
-Hella Chromium (2.)
-Hella Chromium Angel Eyes (2.)
-Hella Lollipop (1.)
-Fog Light (1.)
-Custom Beacon
-Grill Light with custom flares and light (1.)
-Low Bar Light wit custom flares and light (1.)

Light types:
- lights up with positional lights
- lights up with auxiliary lights

Credits: 50keda, SCS


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