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Legiunnaire L2 V59
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Legiunnaire L2 V59

An updated version of the card drive on the left L2 v.59.
Adapted to 1.26, tinkering traffic to Surakarta – Klaten.

Located to the west of Europe. It connects to the UK by ferry and

Powered by Europe unit. It is possible to make a map of the
autonomous. To do this, you need to map a folder to rename a folder in
europe and yourplayingmodule module europe.mbd renamed

With DLC France does not work (vomits all ext. France)
You can make a map of the autonomous and run with a single label,
which prescribe off ext. France. [… Eurotrucks2.exe “-no_dlc
Shot down in a single file, corrected Manifa (SSD).

Test of 1.26 c / without DLC France

Bagas Pambudi, Msrihardi Modwork, Denny Ch Pratama, Bagas Pambudi, Ridho Luke Shaw, Solaubine Ahmed

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