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Light Boards as driver/codriver plates v0.1 BETA
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Light Boards as driver/codriver plates v0.1 BETA

Tested on ETS2 1.26 with Mighty Griffin DLC. Not tested on other configurations.

This MOD adds light boards to be used as driver and co-driver plates accessories.

Feature list:
The MOD includes two types of light boards:
– National flags light boards:
The MOD includes many national flags, with textures taken from SCS ETS2 National Window Flags DLC.
Not all the available flags has been included, and it is not due to any political reasons, it is due to the lack of free time to make the rest. Those will be added in future releases if possible.
Colors, brightness and contrast of the textures have been tweaked to work better in the testing environment.
Each light board name includes two letters of the country/nation. For example: FR=France, GB=United Kingdom, GR=Greece. You can find the codes here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_3166-1 (see Alpha-2 codes).
– Fantasy light boards:
The MOD also includes five fantasy lightboards, one for each ETS2 DLC already released, described as “Viva la France!”, “Nordic TruckForce” and “Eastern TruckForce”, and other two reading “I love my truck”, with some of the words replaced by images (you can find them as Custom_1 and Custom_2 in the shop).

Download the file golcan_ladcp_v0.1_beta.scs, copy it into the mod subdir that you use for the game, and activate it inside Mod Manager.


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