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Lightpack v1.1
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Lightpack v1.1

From 1.0 to 1.1
- More details for long sidelights.
- Materials edited for Hella Marker Lights.
- Jokons added.
- New bigger version of 50k's Highline Light box added.
- More colors for 50k's lollipops.
- 50k'f foglight with flares added.
- Scania Stock Sidelight updated.

Sidelights: RJL, 50k, powerkasi
Hella Marker Lights: powerkasi
Highline Lightbox: 50k, powerkasi
NBB Lights: powerkasi
Jokons: Mattias P, powerkasi

  • Roadbear
    2016-04-02 13:30
    Fixed information.Real Link:http://www.mediafire.com/download/rj7w0ujfkb8pp9e/[powerkasi]P8_lightpack_1.1.rarCredits:Sidelights: RJL, 50k, powerkasiHella Marker Lights: powerkasiHighline Lightbox: 50k, powerkasiNBB Lights: powerkasiJokons: Mattias P, powerkasiYou can share this on other sites but KEEP ORIGINAL DOWNLOAD LINK AND CREDITS! NO NOT REUPLOAD TO OTHER FILE SHARING SITES.
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