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Limetec V2 By AB 3DSM Customs
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Limetec V2 By AB 3DSM Customs

Limetec V2 By AB 3DSM Customs
Converted By Peerke145
Textures by Alang7, Mattias Persson, AB 3DSM Customs
Working on 1.18, Scandinavia DLC.

If you like and respect my work please donate via PayPal for [email protected]

PMD is locked, ask me if you want modify, if you have balls and respect for me.

The reasons why I released this trailer are:
1. Rune Martin Johansen Oien wanted to blackmail me with my trailer he would release what he got illegally.
2. Dennis Angeli Schuermans is a money maniac poor dumbass who can’t make anything in his life and he try sell my hard work for lower price than mine. (65€<->40€)

Thanks for leaking: Kevin Drängen Christensen who bought the trailer and he asked me for permisson to give his brother.
His brother Robin Christensen has been blackmailed by Dennis Angeli Schuermans the poor hacker who told him he will hack his pc lol.
So guys try to avoid these, and get some brain if you bought something don’t give for idiots or this will happen.

This will sounds egoist maybe but after this thing the one of remaining best 3D artists of the community is out from this world.
Let’s thanks for these guys. I could vomit what happening in this community.

Best regards

AB 3DSM Customs, Peerke145, Alang7, Mattias Persson.

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