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Long train for standart map v1.16
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Long train for standart map v1.16

1. Mod increases carriages on all trains.
2. Reduce the speed of the train at the crossing. For utility of 6 to 10 km / h for passenger 20 km / h
3. Added train new trailers - cargo
4. Zoom in on the hour while the traffic light in the standby mode
5. Increased the refueling AI

Test version: 1.16.x
Many thanks for your help in the creation of fashion: Pasha Morozov
Grateful for the test mode: Leha85 and AlekseyMD
Many thanks for finding w / d crossings: Leha85, AlekseyMD and Nikolaitch
And also thanks to all those who supported me !!!

Schumi, Morozov

  • Sory87
    2015-02-04 19:00
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    work with tsm map ?
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