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Lunna's Flatbed Addon For Tandem and Ekeri by Kast
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Lunna's Flatbed Addon For Tandem and Ekeri by Kast

Added a new version of the jumbo.

Finally ready to make a post about this mod i have been cooking for a while. As the title says its a Flatbed addon for Tandem and Ekeri by @Kast
Thought it actually supports more tandem addons then just Kast's addon for RJL, it supports @Siperia 's tandem addon for Next Gen, also the Next Gen P cab by @Bruno_G. Or maybe you want a Flatbed for the 5/6 series P cab by @Wolfi and @Nazgül, yep, got that too. It also adds a Flatbed for Kast's Ekeri Semitrailers and Tandem trailers.

RJL Scania Tandem addon by Kast:
Ekeri Trailers by Kast:
Ekeri Trailers Tandem addon by Kast:

Lunna - Addon
Kast - Tandem Addon and Ekeri Trailers + some small tips
Smaen - Def fixes and late night help
Rinzler - Def fixes and just all around help, also gave me the idea from the beggingin.
SCS - Everything that regards the flatbed model

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