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Lunna's Flatbed Addon For Tandem and Ekeri by Kast v1.1
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Lunna's Flatbed Addon For Tandem and Ekeri by Kast v1.1

Changelog for v1.1:
Converted to 1.35
Fixed cargo positions on semi and long dolly trailer

Update, but it adds some cargos from BtBs DLC and Italia DLC.
Cargo node for the Dropside trailer is also moved back to make the cargos not clip the front wall.
Cargo models for the Jumbo trailer is included but i never got the defs to work, so if anyone gets them to work

Author Lunna

Finally ready to make a post about this mod i have been cooking for a while. As the title says its a Flatbed addon for Tandem and Ekeri by @Kast
Thought it actually supports more tandem addons then just Kast's addon for RJL, it supports @Siperia 's tandem addon for Next Gen, also the Next Gen P cab by @Bruno_G. Or maybe you want a Flatbed for the 5/6 series P cab by @Wolfi and @Nazgül, yep, got that too. It also adds a Flatbed for Kast's Ekeri Semitrailers and Tandem trailers.

RJL Scania Tandem addon by Kast:
Ekeri Trailers by Kast:
Ekeri Trailers Tandem addon by Kast:

Lunna - Addon
Kast - Tandem Addon and Ekeri Trailers + some small tips
Smaen - Def fixes and late night help
Rinzler - Def fixes and just all around help, also gave me the idea from the beggingin.
SCS - Everything that regards the flatbed model

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