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Lux Accessories for Scania RJL v0.9 BETA
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Lux Accessories for Scania RJL v0.9 BETA

This is Accessories Pack created by me for SCANIA R&S by RJL version

V 0.9:
+ Rework frame near steps (now have Scania Vabis logo)
+ Rework frame in the door (now have vertical logo & griffin)
+ Add Chrome plate chassis for 5°series
+ Add Griffin grid for 5° & 6°series
+ Add sideskirt Lux V8 Exhaust V2
+ Add JOST fifth wheel for chassis LUX
+ Add Lenticular headlights LUX Chrome & LUX Black Series
+ Add Chrome grid LUX for front bumper 6°series

V 0.8.5:
+ Rework Grill Lux (remove grid, now compatible to original grid)
+ Remove Grill V8 Lux
+ Add Grid LUX & Grid V8 Lux (new type of frame, compatible to Grill Lux and Grill original for Scania RJL)
+ Add Lux Bottomgrill with Slot for accessories
+ Rework Taillights Stock Stramline with and Without exhaust (add Slot for accessories)
+ Add new type for doorhamdle (have door chrome frame)

V 0.8:
+ Fix Front Fenders V8 Lux
+ Add Chrome plate for 5series
+ Add V8 Lux doorhandle
+ Add Griffin Exhaust for 5series Sideskirt

V 0.7:
+ Rework sideskirt Lux V8 5 series 8 (change exhaust position, now it’s more realistic)
+ Add sideskirt Lux V8 5 series without exhaust (add compatible original sidebars)
+ Add Stock & Streamline taillights with back chromed exhaust

V 0.6:
+ Rework and fix Grills (changeable Logo, badge engine & Intake frame)
+ Add Grill for 5 series with & without V8 logo
+ Add Sideskirt Lux V8 for 6 series
+ Add sideskirt Lux V8 for 5 series

V 0.5:
+ Rework Grill V8 (New grid from Volvo New FH16)
+ Add Grill without V8 logo
+ Add Chrome Bar for Stock & Streamline Taillights

V 0.4:
+ Add Grill whit V8 logo
+ Add Chrome doorsteps

+Logo V8 on side of cabin
+Chrome plate back to chassis

+ FIx Chrome Material
+ Add Chrome plate near steps

Sn00ky89, GTMike, RJL, SCS

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