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Mack Super Liner 1.28.x
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Mack Super Liner 1.28.x

Registered in the auto Iveco
It is found in the company's orders
Present in the gallery tractors
Has the real engines, transmissions, sound, interior cabin with right and left-hand drive

1. Added additions, including the ED "cab accessories".
2. Fixed many bugs from the previous version.
3. Removed all RTA bullshit and made it 1 file

1. "GPS" is activated by pressing "Y" (lighthouse). TV by pressing the "W" (dachport) switch
until the TV icon on dachporte.
2. File "Video TV_Part_3" connects the profile desired. This file is a video for a TV.

Virat, Kriechbaum

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    2017-08-19 14:59
    Old mod, Upload by Cruise aka fly5656 aka JBK_modeler & Unregistered
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