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Madser's MAN E5/E6 4k Rework Textures by COne
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Madser's MAN E5/E6 4k Rework Textures by COne

Hello dear friends so as i did mention a few days a goo i was working at MAN's Rework so now here they are the reworks of textures,
for man e6 and e5 from Modder Madster.

Now important thing this Textures are only reworked on the Head Lights Tails Lights and Side Fender Lights some other small parts the rest of the main textures remain the same, so this means that as some people say that it will lag or slow down no it will not even if the texture is in 4k the resolution and proportion of it is correct so it will not mess with your pc as much as the textures with original resolution of 512x512 but yes quality is guaranteed! Since textures are in 4096x4096pxl with my self made textures of lights and parts implements your man will look even better.

Another thing is that i did as much as i can in terms of lights but nothing is simple since the lights have 3D parts and centering my texture light is not and easy go, i did it as much as i can to be centered and without to much quality lose so the final effect is nice. I will post here a preview of 4 pictures so you can see what was done and who it look.

I will make better position for center and update i just want it perfect so when you look at head lights you see a real head light ;) Like on my texture and i will make it!

Soon pictures at this topic now you can try it out but keep in minde it will be much better after update!
To see the textures in game simply drop each scs file in your mods folder and active in game and enjoy!
With Best Regards and Respect ComandoreOne or just COne.


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