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MAN E6 v2
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MAN E6 v2

MAN Euro 6

Test version 1.10.1 , , ,1.12

Readme V1.0:

Original paintjob from SCS – do not work
Metallic DLC paint – only color, NO style (carbon,grain,hi-tech…)
TEMPLATE TANDEM save only tandem.dds (vehicle\truck\upgrade\tandem\man_tgx\tandem.dds and vehicle\trailer_eu\tandem\tandem.dds)
TEMPLATE E6 save only man.dds (vehicle\truck\upgrade\paintjob\man.dds)
Logo in the paint shop save only man.dds (material\ui\accessory\man.dds)

3 types cabin (xl,xlx,xxl)
4 types chassis (4×2,6×2,6x2_4,tandem)
All types sunvisor
All types bottom,roof,frontgrill
All types doorstep
All types doorhandle
All types mirror (side,front)
2 types tandem (sail,container)
2 types tandem trailer (sail,container)
All types interior
EU,UK interior visible from exterior
Day light

Readme V2.0:

Edit day light position and flare
Add chrome front,side mirror (EU,UK)
Add couple new tuning parts (one paint bottomgrill,one paint roofgrill+two slots on mask,three slots on frontgrill,two halogen light)
Fix exhaust tuning parts
Fix shadow

SCS, Danz, Mr.Green, Ostry, Tomson, Vlasta, HomerS

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