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MAN F2000 + Sound fix, physics etc.
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MAN F2000 + Sound fix, physics etc.

This is a sound mod for the MAN F2000.

It also works for “MAN F90 by Standa”, “MAN F2000 by Mr.Green, DieselRocker, Groove, Kirill73rus”, “MAN F2000 by Chech, Indomable”, “MAN F2000 by maz_man™” and stantard MAN TGX ant those who replace it.

It works for game version 1.9.22, if u wanna play on dont activate physics.scs.
Just extract scs file and put it into ETS2 mod folder and don’t forget to activate

oh i forgot, if the sound doesnt work, go to my documents\eurotruck simulator 2\mod and open the scs of your truck where u wanna have thism sound, with winrar etc… and delete all folders and stuff that called “sound” also the defs, after that close winrar and start the game.

MetalcoreTrucker91(watchya dupenner), maz_man tm for base truck,
Volidas, Kriechbaum, Mrtheflashback, SCS

  • Theosz
    2014-04-12 02:12
    ohhh. replaces all slots ...!!
  • Noway
    2014-04-12 09:54
    Doesn´t work at all... replaces all trucks. Many errors and CTD... 1/5
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