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MAN TGA v1.0 by MADster
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MAN TGA v1.0 by MADster

-A high visual quality truck and low poly count
-A good looking interior (UK in the next version)
-All default accessories
-All default skin
-4x2 / 6x2 - midlift /  6x2 - tagligt / 6x4
-Heavy bumper available for all chassis
-Curtains and side curtains
-Purple sunshield
-GPS Mio Spoirit
-Cab Accessories DLC compatible

-SCS Software
-Giants Software

Special thanks to:
-CobraBlue6 for some def fixes and testing
-pirozhkoff for making the display
-paulnice for a lovely sound mod

  • Soryn
    2015-12-01 14:35
    A very good work done moderately.
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