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MAN TGX 2010 v3.1
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MAN TGX 2010 v3.1

Description: What's new in version 3.1
Added: Three Painted Bull Bar.
Added: Painted Stoneguard.
Added: Wide Sun Visor (xxl cabin)
Added: Painted Low Grill and Powerful chrome grill.
Added: Plastic and painted s_panel on the cab.
Added: Chassis Cover (4x2, 6x2 only with sideskirts).
Adedd: Kelsa SideBar (4x2)
Adedd: Two BakBar (reverse light on the cabin).
Added: Rear Exhaust (Vertical pipes).
Added: Front Grill Guard.
To make your license plate on the Front Grill Guard,
replace the textures (//model/l_plate/l_plate.dds
and normal map //model/l_plate/l_plate_nm.dds).


  • Pavels36
    2017-04-24 23:35
    please upgrade sound Man :(
  • Maestro
    2017-04-25 00:38
    Great work! Keep updating this.
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