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MAN TGX Euro6 v1.1 1.18.xx
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MAN TGX Euro6 v1.1 1.18.xx

Features v1.1:
-Now it's available on truck browser
-Wind deflectors
-8x4 chassis (41.xxx)
-New interior for all cabs
-Interior sunshields or sunscreen (not sure about the name)
-MAN TipMatic® gearbox
-Euro 6 engines
-Euro 6 and D38 badges
-ADR plate
-Small fixes/improvements
-GPS Mio Spirit

MADster & SCSSoftware & Giants Software

  • Madster
    2015-07-03 21:19
    Also, thanks to TheTruckGeek now we have the best 100 years skin :)https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/329/19173044560_90e51b5cd6_c.jpghttp://sharemods.com/4r3kgxqgbdn7/MAN_TGX_100_Years_Edition_Skin_by_TTG.scs.html
  • Josh
    2015-07-04 08:02
    Very nice mod, I have been waiting on someone to fix up the Man trucks. Thanks again.
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