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MAN TGX v1.8 1.19.x
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MAN TGX v1.8 1.19.x

Features v1.8:
-New spoilers for all cabs
-Separated fuel tank from storage units for 6x chassis
-New icons for the shop
-Remaked top for all cabs
-Added slots for beacons on roof
-Added slot for horns on the left side of the cab
-New logo available in two variants original/new
-Added all indicators for the dashboard
-Orange dasboard lights
-Retarder/Lifted axle indicators added
-New Ambient Occlusion for bumpers Normal/Heavy
-New Ambient Occlusion for cabs XL/XLX/XXL
-New Ambient Occlusion for all spoilers
-Lots of small fixes/improvments
-Efficient Line badge
-Country oval plate
-New engine sound (Thanks to Paulnice)
-New display (Thanks to kuba141)
-Realistic Model
-Added description and icon for mod list (1.19.x)

MADster & SCS Software & Giants Software

  • Madster
    2015-07-20 08:26
    I apologize for the crashes and problems :(.I made a "fix" mod to solve the both problems: dealer crash and compatibility with man euro 6.http://sharemods.com/r93c7puapu63/z.man_tgx_byMADster_v1.8_FIX.scs.html
  • Madster
    2015-07-20 08:58
    Please someone if it's possible, add the fix's download link.http://www.sharemods.com/r93c7puapu63/z.man_tgx_byMADster_v1.8_FIX.scs.html
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