Farming simulator 2019 mods
MAN TGX v2.0 1.21.xx
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MAN TGX v2.0 1.21.xx

Features v2.0:
-Remaked dasboard
-Remaked dashboard needles
-AdBlue gauge added
-New page on dashboard's display
-Corrected the two small displays
-Purple sunshield (New model for XLX cab)
-Purple/Black sunshield with custom text
-New exhaust (EURO5)
-Painted logo
-A set of blankets
-New rear fenders
-Painteble rear fenders
-Remaked air tanks
-New page on display
-Added slots on logo
-Removable fender's top
-Corrected interior wipers animation
-Added front fenders
-Adjusted weight on 6x chassis for better handling

MADster & SCS Software & Giants Software

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