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Map Black Forest v0.3 for 1.26
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Map Black Forest v0.3 for 1.26

!You need scandanavie, going east DLC!

About: German flatland/lowhills style with small/medium villages.
In the future it will contain one big city (Really big) (Every road in the city will be accesable like house areas and shopping centra's.
The map is focused on realism. Not based on real exising roads or cities. only german style.

Changelog: Converted the map to 1.26.x. 100% working without any problems. Red trees have been fixed thanks to the maker of Fael: Thanks Rafael.
Improved some parts of the map (Added details and parkinglot at the Castel, fixed some little things)
I have been working on 3 new villages but that isn't included in this update because they need to be finished completely first.

Standalone, choose du.mbd module.

Rob Viguurs

  • Roefe1955
    2017-01-30 11:40
    The map does not work, have no other mods in the folder, Game crashes at the game start already .... Game version
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