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Map MHA Pro v for ETS2 1.28.x
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Map MHA Pro v for ETS2 1.28.x

Map of Europe, this map rebuilds and saturates the standard map, adds new cities and towns.
New unusual companies, new facilities, interchanges and roads.
Compatible with many cards that do not affect the standard, such as RusMap, EAA, PJ Indo Map, etc.
For its proper operation DLC maps "Going East", "Scandinavia" and "Vive La France" are mandatory

Version for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (v1.28.x):

Fixed bugs found
Added and redone:
The new company ECO (gas station)
New Town of Troyes
- company Eco
- ITCC company
- company WGCC
- company EuroGoodies
Company Sag-Tre
Companies - Roadwork
New highway A5 in France - Chaumont - Troyes
New Highway Chamount (F)
New roads around the city of Troyes (F)
New prices for some toll roads
A new barrier near Strasbourg (F)
A new barrier near Lille (F)
New turnstiles from Lille (F) for the direction of Calais (F) and Dippe (F)
A new barrier between Nantes and Brest (F)
City of Nantes (F)
- MHA Service
- new billboards around the city
- company Eco
The Nantes-Brest (F) highway has been modernized
Repaired roads from Prague (Czech Republic) to Frankurt (e)
The new road from Kranj (Slovenia) to Klagenfurt (a)
New signs on new roads
A new road from Troyes (F) to Chaumont and Bossancourt (F)
Fixed prefab of Underground
Highway from Trois to Orléans (F) A5
Highway from the intersection in Orleans (F) to the large intersection A5 - A26
Finished highway A5 from Troyes to Reims / Paris - A5
Three new large intersections with new roads near A5 / a 26 / A 4 in France
Completed route from Troyes in the direction of Reims and Paris A26
The new city of Vejle (Denmark)
- Foodservice company
- MHA Service
- company Nor_food
- Maxilla Transport
New roads around cities
New highway with a new view of the sea
New signs in the cities
New roads around Glasgow (Great Britain)
New signs in Inverness (UK)
New Town Inversness (UK)
- MHA Service
- company Stoke
- company Europe
- Food Service company
New roads from Glasgow to Inverness (UK) to the North
Updated roads in northern Scotland
Rebuilt the whole map to version 1.28!
The new city of Michelau (Lux)
- company Maxilla
- Car service company


  • Guest
    2017-09-17 10:46
    Going to report you to the author HeavyAlex now.
  • Michale
    2017-09-17 11:43
    Stolen mod, Upload by Cruise aka fly5656
  • John
    2017-09-17 11:48
    Upload by kuznetsk
  • Guest
    2017-09-17 15:16
    MICHALE - you are idiot. Mod upload by kuznetsk.
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