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Map of Turkey for Promods v2.26 1.30
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Map of Turkey for Promods v2.26 1.30

Map of Turkey for ProMods 2.26
The card was checked complete with maps:

Poland Rebuilding 2.1
Project Balkans 2.7
ProMods 2.26
The Great Steppe
Rus Map 1.8
South Region
The order of installation in the manager according to the screenshot
Project Balkans 2.7 - Def.scs file should be installed with replacement

Performance was checked only with this set of cards!

Four cities added in Bulgaria

- Manager: Dogukan_K61
- map: Scaniaman6106
- models: Dogukan_K61, furkan61, UMTKRZ, mbb27
- testers: SinanY? lmaz, UMTZRLU
- The author of combination IVA

  • Westham
    2018-03-04 16:08
    FAKE this map doesn’t works with promods read in SCS forum or PROMODS forum.STOP share junk file.
  • Schorsch
    2018-03-06 12:10
    Ich bekomme keine verbindung mit promod karte
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