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Map Republic of Karelia version R1
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Map Republic of Karelia version R1

Map "Republic of Karelia" R1
What DLS are needed: France, Italy, Baltic!
Module: Any (Europe or Autonomous)
Profile in the Archive!

There are 2 files in the archive
- def
- Model

Map Descriptions
A beta version of the first edition of the new map has been released, the Vyborg-Svetogorsk 1k1 route is an addition to the Baltic, since the map has just begun to be developed 50km + - so that it’s possible to go somewhere more, France, Italy and the Baltic are needed to work, the addition weighs less than a gig, the installation is the simplest, The structure includes a profile, you can put a pumped-out and video installation.

Dmitry Povetkin

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    2020-04-02 16:23
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