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Hi friends , this is the first time I post my first addon on a foreign site so I 'm starting !
This map is a map which just adds a field where one can cause his truck as in the Mod Realistic Physics ! There is also a small deposit or can lead to park his truck.
I'm still a beginner mapper so do not tell me it 's crap , do not yell at me !

Take the SCS file and put it in the mod folder.

This mini -extension is compatible with all maps (well I think, is to check with Promods 1.52 )

The source of the map just www.ets2-addons.fr http://mods-ets2.xooit.fr/ so do not forget to take a walk on, it will always be interesting, especially for you, French friends Belgian, Quebecois and other .... !

Map compatible version
Credits: Julien , dedication to Jayson2000 who asked me to do it.

If you want to reuse the map, you must CONTACT me!
Reuse prohibited except upon request to the creator who is Julien, it's me!
Rediffusion allowed but you must put my name in the credits. Thank You very much !

Soon may be for a future map, and do not forget the ride on www.ets2-addons.fr and www.mods-ets2.xooit.fr

Sorry for the bad translation of certain words, I do it with Google Translate .

Julien , dedication to Jayson2000 who asked me to do it.

  • Marco echtwaar
    2014-01-14 21:54
    HIwould you make a test folder for skins trailerall trailers in one spotNever look for the trailer more in the game
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