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Mario map (1.33) 12.7 [02.11]
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Mario map (1.33) 12.7 [02.11]

New Update (01.12.2018):
- maps are adapted to work with "DLC Beyond the Baltic Sea".
- fixed all errors found .

Author: Mario Bogdanov

Mario Bogdanov

  • Anonimys
    2018-12-03 09:45
    Ссылка на офсайд карты http://h-essers-virtual.ru/index.php/topic/163-ets-2-map-127-for-patch-133/
  • Mark tempe
    2018-12-04 14:21
    I'm not a friend of "Stolen Mods", but what in this mind is "Stolen".I've tested the newest "MarioMap" because of interesting in what and how it is.So, in the end, I only used the european part together with the "Swedish Islands Map" under 1.33x and "DLC Baltic".After removing all ferrys to and from the not in use Maps and the following File:"ETS_2_Base_part1.scs\def\world\mover.hawaii.sii", I must say: The map is working very well and without errors.
  • Eyal
    2018-12-04 18:04
    Why do I make a new profile game for me and you can arrange it?
  • Georgie59
    2018-12-05 12:31
    the game is falling, Europe can not be done?
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