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Mario Map v12.1 compatible with DLC France (1.26)
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Mario Map v12.1 compatible with DLC France (1.26)

Mario Map12.1 compatible with DLC France
Unpack the archive, scs files into a folder, add mod
To install the files in the manager from the bottom to the top 01-10
Map tested on version 1.26.2s + DLC France
Need download all 3 parts for correct work

Author Mario Bogdanov

  • Albert
    2016-12-08 10:32
    bonne map très lourde demande du temps pour ouvrir entre 3 à 10 mn suivant puissance pcGood very heavy map requires time to open between 3 to 10 mn following pc power
  • Rocker
    2016-12-08 12:48
    Warning: mod uploaded by mods_ats
  • Mods_ats
    2016-12-08 12:54
    Doesn´t work anyway!
  • Albert
    2016-12-08 15:29
    si fonctionne très bien avec ets2 v1.26.2 + (3 dlc en cour)bien mettre dans l'ordre les maps qui la composeet surtout revoir les mods supplémentairement qui ne sont pas compatible avec .If works fine with ets2 v1.26.2 + (3 dlc in court) well put in order the maps that compose itAnd especially review the mods additionally that are not compatible with.
  • Gerard
    2016-12-08 18:02
  • Mods_ats
    2016-12-08 18:14
  • Arunas
    2016-12-08 20:38
    Good MAPA good but as the ferry want to get up from the game throws
  • Arunas
    2016-12-09 01:38
    on Windows 10 it works or only on Windows 7 because keliosi ferry and threw out of the game but who can?
  • Michle
    2016-12-09 12:48
    Work on any OS Windows
  • Arunas
    2016-12-09 13:38
    only works on Windows 7
  • Michle
    2016-12-09 16:47
    Tested on Windows 10, works!
  • Arunas
    2016-12-09 18:22
    This is perhaps to be a powerful component on that map function but it works as the ferry need to get up from the game and do not know who threw the wrong ira
  • Arunas
    2016-12-09 18:27
    the legal game it works and whether it works on the hothouses
  • Minimaltango
    2016-12-10 14:13
    Yes, that's right. 3 minutes with i7, 8GB Ram and SSD for (with me) 20GB in the ETS2 folder + a lot more in the workshop is ok for the huge map, yesterday with version 12.0 crossed by franc and had no problems. What's new in this update guys? Here times a link where I could always find current things and no fake links so far. Unfortunately only russian [http://eurotruck2-mod.ru/maps/1902-mod-karta-mario-map-dlya-euro-truck-simulator-2.html] happy trucking & cheers
  • Arunas
    2016-12-10 15:21
    and to me it does clearly say that jum of the game throws Blet and 1 h handles it
  • Cuacua
    2016-12-13 15:52
    In which order you have to activate the mod, there are two mod with the same number "2"
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