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Mario map v12.7
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Mario map v12.7

The map requires DLC Going East, Scandinavia, France, Italy.
New version 12.7:
- It returns to the original look and now the "DLC Special Transport" can work.
- 7 cities were removed.
- On the islands of Malta and Cyprus, the movement was changed to the left.
- Fixed all bugs found.

Mario1961, Term99

  • Jp


    2017-12-21 12:13
    Bonjour pourriez vous m"expliquer pour faire fonctionné la map nous avons essayer sur plusieurs ordinateur puissant et la blocage a moitier de la barre de progression a 30 minute d attente j ai arreter aurrier vous la solution merci.
  • Jp


    2017-12-21 12:22
    Hello could you m "explain to work the map we try on several powerful computer and the blocking half of the 30 minute waiting a progress bar I have stop aurrier you the solution thanks."
  • Rb


    2017-12-23 14:45
    Problem with ETS_2_prefab_more_part1.7z unable to unzip.
  • Knight
    2017-12-29 02:44
    Santiago game crash
  • Papa
    2017-12-30 08:08
    PLZ FIX! Crash!
  • Corne
    2018-01-04 11:20
    To place it in your mod folder as follow1234567891011So 11 is under than up to 1
  • Corne
    2018-01-04 11:22
    if you follow my other comment it will works but you need a long wait for it starts maybe you can do a nap or something like that..lolll
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