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Mario Map v12.6 (compatible DLC Italy)
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Mario Map v12.6 (compatible DLC Italy)

The map requires DLC Going East, Scandinavia, France, Italy
Connect according to the screenshot

Added DLC Italy
Added 4 new cities in the Canary Islands.
Fixed all bugs found.


  • Mario
    2017-12-07 21:29
  • Mario
    2017-12-07 21:32
  • Mario
    2017-12-07 21:33
  • Cruise тряпка
    2017-12-07 22:10
    FakeOld ModЯ петух
  • Arunas
    2017-12-09 11:18
    how do you do not work so ineffective since the game meta raso ets stopped working as the version has but parasykit on which version you made it your 1.30 nk it's not necessary for me to send the modus personeli how was the problem so ira with an anchor for a mario folder with such thing 100 together suiutis reike and huj You will understand that you will not be able to make a sad saddle on your shoulder
  • Gungamer
    2017-12-10 05:17
    Only work with dlc Italy?
  • Shit mod
    2018-05-19 00:12
    So a shit nario Mod, Make ju Jop Korektly end male not so a shit mods witch Bug on mass go from Internet ju noob
  • Shit mod
    2018-05-19 00:13
    Mario Mod is Error mod not Download the shit
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