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MasterMods MegaTuning v2.5 1.16.X
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MasterMods MegaTuning v2.5 1.16.X

This mod was created after many people e-mailed me wanting the download link for the lights that were shown on the 730 HP for Daf Euro 6 mod. Since then, this Mod has grown in popularity and thanks to you guys, has become my most successful mod to date. Basically it has tuning for all trucks including cabin facades, chassis types, engines, transmissions, lights, mudguards, finishes, wheels, light bars and much much more. Who knows what new truck you'll make with this MegaTuning Mod!

Tested on 1.16.X (Wheels don't work on 1.17 beta)

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  • Ken


    2015-04-25 10:47 Send message
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    OLD BULLSHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Mastermods
    2015-04-25 12:04 Send message
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    This has many more things added into it such as engines, transmissions and optional colored rampes. Bug fixes for outdated cabins are also included so the Mod works
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