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Maters Brick Trailer Update + present v1.0
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Maters Brick Trailer Update + present v1.0

Last and final update (i hope)
raised the cargo a bit (request)
added a new trailer little present for my fans.
new trailer not in traffic (yet)
hope you like it..
delete older mod (if you have) and place this instead.

Zeeuwse Trucker / SCS

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    The REAL DL-Link: http://sharemods.com/8byvs4cg0gk4/Trailer_Maters.zip.htmlZeeuwse Trucker does NOT use mods.to or other Hoster !!!The given Sharemods-Link from "Guest" : Uploaded on: 2018-06-22 18:23:28 by mods_ats
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