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MAZ 504-520 version mod #4 1.30.x
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MAZ 504-520 version mod #4 1.30.x

Update # 4 (Version mod #4):
- correction of past shortcomings.
- added 2 chassis (515B-1973 and 509 - experienced with a sub-middle axle)
- an early version of the salon was added
- new tuning elements

Мaz-504 / 515 / 515b-1973 / 508 /509 / 520 ETS 2 1.30.X
The release version of the mod includes:
– two chassis (MAZ-504 and MAZ-515)
– two kinds of mirrors
– three engines (YaMZ-238 and two modifications
of YaMZ-236) – three manuals
– Two variants of the cabin with two types of
upholstery and a set of tuning for each of the
– three versions of radiator grids (each of the grids
has different LCPs, resulting in nine types of grids) – wings, side steps, tanks, bumper, battery box and
rear fenders also have two options, they are black
and in the color of the cabin

– Animated mud flaps of two types
– various lights and lights
– eight variants of tires – many varieties of painting (skins)
– and much more

- JAWA: 3D model, 3D interior
- Stas556: Envelope in the game, animation, editing in the game.
- Kriechbaum: Sounds.
- SimKA: Sounds.
- Bear79: Sounds.
- Knox, dmitry68: Technology dashboard

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    2018-01-29 23:22
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