Farming simulator 2019 mods
MAZ-504/515/508/520 1.28.x
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MAZ-504/515/508/520 1.28.x

The release version of the mod includes:
– two chassis (MAZ-504 and MAZ-515)
– two kinds of mirrors
– three engines (YaMZ-238 and two modifications of YaMZ-236)
– three manuals
– Two variants of the cabin with two types of upholstery and a set of tuning for each of the interiors
– three versions of radiator grids (each of the grids has different LCPs, resulting in nine types of grids)
– wings, side steps, tanks, bumper, battery box and rear fenders also have two options, they are black and in the color of the cabin
– Animated mud flaps of two types
– various lights and lights
– eight variants of tires
– many varieties of painting (skins)
– and much more…

Update # 3 (Version of the mod # 3):
– adaptation under the patch 1.28.х
– Added propiska in the showroom “MAN”
– correction of past shortcomings.

JAWA, Stas556, Kriechbaum, SimKA, Bear79, Knox, dmitry68

  • Brodyaga
    2017-09-26 11:25
  • Roller
    2017-09-26 11:33
    Do not download! Fake fake for fools.
  • Guest
    2017-09-26 11:34
    Fake, upload by mods_ats
  • Havefun
    2017-09-26 12:02
    Works Great!! P.s Its not fake but nice try. So much involved, been following this topic on their fb group at least 6 months.
  • Anatoly
    2017-09-26 13:50
    NO FAKE!! Author of the plum https://vk.com/id372680829
  • Mister_x
    2017-09-26 16:38
    AUTHOR: http://sharemods.com/oifsxlgr4kfs/_____ETS_MAZ_500-Series_mTG_3.0.zip.html
  • Koxma
    2017-09-28 20:41
    Buy a truck here https://vk.com/ets2maz
  • Cody
    2017-12-06 02:58
    I need help with what order to put this mod in within the mod manager.
  • Cody
    2017-12-06 02:59
    Not only that, the truck doesn't even appear in the game for some reason.
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