Farming simulator 2019 mods
MAZ-504B [REWORKED] v2.6 ] [1.26.6s]
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MAZ-504B [REWORKED] v2.6 ] [1.26.6s]

Find in dealership MAN!
Attention! Conflicted mods -
- MAZ 6306 [BIG MOD] and MAZ-5432-6422!

Changes in v2.6:
Fixes many bugs and errors!!!
Reworked Color! [Real]..
Reworked Lightmask! [Real]..
Reworked Interior! [Rael]..
Reworked Sound! [Real]..
Reworked Wheels! [Real]..
Reworked physics truck! [Updates]..
Reworked Engines! [Updates]..
Reworked Transmissions![Updates]..
Work in version: 1.24.x, 1.25.x, 1.26.x.x.
Tested version: 1.26.6s

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