Farming simulator 2019 mods
MAZ-504B v2.0 + Trailer MAZ-938662-050 for v1.24.x
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MAZ-504B v2.0 + Trailer MAZ-938662-050 for v1.24.x

Spelled out in the salon – DAF
1 Cabin
2 chassis
2 engine
native wheels

added missing: mat (s) to mirrors and shadows truck;
added “shine” on the car color (now it is not a “matte”);
added 14 skins “camouflage”;
changed: mat on the dashboard (now it is brighter and shows that the metal) + added “shildik” MAZ;
Adaption wheel: MAZ-KamAZ + 4310 (off-road) version: v1.16.x (and changed the texture) to v1.23.x and above;
I changed the texture and other interior (seats, ceiling, pillows and blankets, curtains ….);
Replaced sounds and changed residence;
I replaced the headlights;
changed engines + did mode: Turbo (My innovation) (when you press the “engine braking” occurs mode: Turbo (for “The harsh Russian” card) with this regime (some would not be standing PPC) acceleration takes place endlessly, akuratno with the regime! !!
added 1 CAT – 6 assists (good one “wheel with gearshift”)
said chassis 4×4 and made an increased stroke shock absorbers (for “Off-road maps”)
replaced the dial of the speedometer (in his “real”, as it was from the “bus”)
changed the speedometer (shows exactly from 20 to 95 km h)
replaces the tachometer dial, shows the right (standing from 0 to 4000 minutes, set from 0 to 3000 min (important for this model))
replaced dial fuel gauge and water temperature;
added 2 mode wipers, delay 2 and 0.5 seconds. (All 3 modes).
changed instruments with vneshke (match as the inside).
Change number and fastened with screws.
On the GPS increased “speed limit” icon and shifted it to the left and down.
changed “warning lamp” turn signals and reduced frequency of blinking;

In version: v1.24.x. turn off “advanced coupling”

Trailer MAZ-938662-050

Tested on version: v1.23.x, v1.24.x
Mod replaces: aero_dynamic, cement, krone_coolliner, krone_profiliner (there are almost in each city)
The weight of the trailer, as in real life.

Authors: Kosa6414 Adaptation, optimization, fixes and changes: RNV_Nik1 Author skins “Sovtransavto”: RNV_Nik1

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