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MAZ 5432-6422 v5.05 1.28-1.30
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MAZ 5432-6422 v5.05 1.28-1.30

Mod features:
- Optimized for 1.28 patches
- Fixed the image in the mirror
- Added a little tuning to the salon
- Added a small tuning with vneski
- Added metallic paint
- Fixed the rear lights
- The lights are burning texture
- A private room
- Baked salon

Additional information:

All registration and sounds with textures cabin upgrade in a separate archive modes
Maz 5432-6422 part 2, so if you want you can register yourself any sounds
engines, boxes etc, as well as change the number and some teksturki special stages.
Texture features along the way:
Maz 5432-6422 part 2.scs\vehicle\truck\maz_5432\textures\nummer.dds
Texture plates ADR is on the way:
Maz 5432-6422 part 2.scs\vehicle\truck\upgrade\ogneopasno\maz_5432\ogneopasno.dds
Texture decals T. I. R. is on the way:
Maz 5432-6422 part 2.scs\vehicle\truck\upgrade\tir\maz_5432\int1.dds
The texture of the blanket is on the way:
Maz 5432-6422 part 2.scs\vehicle\truck\upgrade\salon\bett.dds
Texture round stickers is on the way:
Maz 5432-6422 part 2.scs\vehicle\truck\upgrade\salon\l.dds
The texture of the pennant and square sticker is on the way:
Maz 5432-6422 part 2.scs\vehicle\truck\upgrade\salon\insit.dds
MAZ traditionally bought either in a large showroom Scania,
or sold in the online store on the second page.
The archive with the model is locked at the request Dalnoboishik™.

Updated v5.05:
- Adaptation to 1.28.x
- Completely removed the glare when view from the cockpit
- Replaced the engine sounds at idle and under load.

Udated & Fixed bugd - Aidimator

Test 1.28, 1.30

Bruieser, Dalnoboishik™, update - aidimator

  • Jabranic
    2017-11-19 17:23
    O veri nice! Thanks!
  • Guest
    2017-11-19 17:30
    Old mod
  • Jabranic
    2017-11-19 17:54
    1.28 works
  • Guest
    2017-11-22 16:30
    Old mod.
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